The Approach

The sole weight is not placed on the symptom(s) that the client is experiencing. Instead an evaluation is done on the client’s posture to identify muscle imbalances and skeletal deviations. This can be anything from an asymmetry in the pelvis, a rotation in the torso, a difference in shoulder height, head position, or hip and ankle deviations.
By locating these imbalances the goal is to hone in on the actual source of the pain. A customized corrective exercise routine is then developed to address the causes. In nearly all cases significant relief is experienced and function is highly improved.




About the Practitioner

Kelly Coder, M.S., C.E.S

  Postural Alignment and Corrective Exercise Specialist


7 years ago, following a long athletic career plagued by injury, I ran into a pain I could not recover from. Walking or standing for longer than five minutes at a time would drop me to the ground in complete agony. I tried everything under the sun to manage my pain with no success.
Finally, after struggling for months, I was paired with a posture specialist. What happened in the following weeks changed my life. Within 3 weeks I was playing the sports I love and my pain was completely eliminated! I became obsessed with this method of healing and I wanted to be able to help people the way I had been helped.
My goal is to take the knowledge that I have developed, learning directly from the best corrective specialists and stability and strength coaches in the region, and positively affect those battling all types of pain and movement restriction.
Helping individuals of all walks of life improve their movement abilities and manage their pain drives me every day. The relationships I develop with my clients is one of the most positive and important parts of my life.



Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management from Southern New Hampshire University, 2010

Division II Collegiate Basketball Athlete SNHU, 2007-2010

Physical Education Intern/Multi Sport Coach at Phillips Exeter Academy, 2012

Master’s Degree of Exercise and Sport Studies via Fellowship at Smith College, 2012-2014

Corrective Exercise and Functional Strength Trainer at Perfect Postures, Inc. 2014-2016

Phillips Exeter Be Well Program for Faculty and Staff 2017-Present 

Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine 

Postural Foundations: Providing Corrective Exercises  and Functional Strength Programs for High School and Collegiate Athletes, Marathon Runners and Active professionals. As well as people dealing with chronic pain, low back and joint issues and postural and movement restrictions.