“I was introduced to Kelly after several months of pelvic pain and three doctors who unfortunately could nor alleviate my pain. Kelly put me on a specific regiment of exercises that allowed me to eliminate my pain medication and continue to improve my quality of life.”

Dick S.

“Kelly has helped me tremendously. I am 57 yrs old and my back pain was unbearable. I’ve tried many different types of treatment without positive results, but the program he has put me on is wonderful!! I don’t hurt like I use to. I highly recommend Kelly, he is very thorough and explains everything to you. When your appointment is done you walk away with a full understanding how and why the exercises work.”

Amy H.

I’ve been an avid runner my whole life, but a few years ago I really started to get a lot of pain in my knees, even from 3 or 4 mile runs. As a result I scaled way back and eventually stopped running all together for about 3 years. I love running so late last year I decided I was going to jump back in and run my first marathon. I immediately contacted a physical therapist to get ahead of the knee pain that I knew was going to develop. Sure enough, only a few days into training, it started. I went to the Physical Therapist for a month or so, and did the exercises on my off days during the week. It didn’t seem to help at all.

Kelly came recommended from a friend, so I decided to give him a try. He said Kelly was a Movement Specialist and not a Physical Therapist. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but I certainly do now. During our first meeting, after I explained the situation with my knee, he began by looking at my entire body, from my head tilt all the way down to the angle of my feet. This was completely different than what my other physical therapist did, but I knew Kelly had helped a good friend, so I was looking forward to seeing the results. He was very thorough in his analysis and, unlike my other PT, walked me through exactly what he was seeing and thinking. He took a few minutes to develop a plan for me and we went through each exercise, making sure I understood the nuances of each movement and what its purpose was. I left our session and started doing the exercises every day (before my runs on running days).

Sure enough, within 3-4 days I noticed a difference. By day 7 or 8 the pain I had been experiencing was almost completely gone. I was thrilled. As that pain was subsiding, I started to notice different types of pain popping up, so Kelly and I met over Facetime (my commute was bad so this was easier for me) and he tweaked things to help get rid of the new pain. This time, the pain began to subside after only 2 days.

I can’t emphasize how impressed I was, not only by Kelly’s innovative approach in which he evaluates the entire body, but by his sincere interest in my condition and his desire to help. I was also blown away by how quickly I saw results. I really cannot recommend him enough. I’ve done my fair share of PT throughout my life, to include an 8 year military career, and this was without a doubt the most effective form of PT I have ever had.

For my last month of training I was able to run with zero pain, something I hadn’t experienced in years. I ran my first marathon two weeks ago and my knees felt fantastic!! Kelly is phenomenal at what he does. His professionalism and sincere interest in my health have created a client for life in me.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want treatment that will produce immediate results and a movement specialist that is professional, passionate and incredibly knowledgable, Kelly is your guy.

Jake B.

This is an amazing program! Last July I messed up my shoulder. A few slight tears in my rotator cuff and by November I was sure I had messed it up bad enough that I would be heading into surgery. I couldn’t even get through a night with out waking up in pain. After seeing my doctor who wanted to send me to physical therapy, I spoke with Kelly Coder. I explain what was happening…the pain, the weakness, the numbness and that I was losing muscle mass in this arm. After a quick examination and determining that my alignment was all off he set me up with a program. I have seen him a couples times now to go over some stretches and light exercises for my shoulder and my pelvis. After just a short few weeks my posture has improved and I am no longer in any pain on my shoulder. I am excited to be gaining not only strength but muscle back in my arm again. I plan on having a few more sessions with kelly and looking forward to seeing even more improvements. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to work on their posture and especially to anyone who has an injury or pain that just isn’t going away! Such a natural easy way to heal and strengthen your body!

Brenda L.

“I’ve been dealing with a number of joint issues and have had little relief from pain until starting to work with Kelly Coder at Postural Foundations. The exercises that I do daily seem to get me aligned and the strengthening exercises are beginning to keep me there. I appreciate Kelly’s ability to taylor the program to suit my needs and limitations. He’s been great to work with and I highly recommend this method. I work out daily for one to two hours or more and want to keep doing so for decades to come. This practice looks at the whole body, something I’ve not been able to find any doctor to do.”

Sydnee G.

I was referred to Postural Foundations after finally being diagnosed with a pelvis alignment problem. Kelly took the time to determine where exactly my problem lies and determined which exercises were necessary to realign and alleviate my pain. After just one session, I was amazed at how I felt. Before and after pictures showed exactly how out of alignment I was at the beginning of the session to being completely aligned at the end. Two weeks later and still pain free and finally back to running normally. I highly recommend Postural Foundations.

Cindy Y.